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The New Hunger - Isaac Marion Following the interesting, if not totally necessary, publishing trend of prequel, sequel, and mid-series novellas, The New Hunger is the 140-page prequel to the novel that takes a look at the newly-raised R, 12-year-old Julie, teenage Nora and others, six years before the events of Warm Bodies. It takes place not long after the whole thing fell apart – societal collapse and natural disasters have left people scrambling and corpses herding. We see this apocalyptic world from the perspective of the humans (and one tall man) who lived through its demise, and are trying to live to see its resurrection.When I first heard about The New Hunger, I wanted to see R’s story: who he was before he lost himself. Well, don’t be disappointed like I was: we still don’t know more than R’s first initial, or why he died in his suit and tie, or even how. But we get all kinds of other good stuff.Read the rest of my review here: http://thats-normal.com/2013/03/the-new-hunger-prequel-to-warm-bodies/