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Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate This is more 2.5 stars. The story itself is not super original but what is? My biggest problem was Luce herself. This girl has no control over her life or her choices or even her own attraction. She likes a boy, he dies in a fire that she can't remember but everyone thinks is her fault. So, she's forced to go somewhere else where she knows no one (ooo, there's YA cliche numero uno and one that I really am sick of). She's barreled into her first friendship, essentially imprisoned and cut off from everyone she knows, and instantly drawn to a guy who's a complete dick to her. I don't think she makes a single choice, based on what she really wants or thinks is best for herself IN THE ENTIRE BOOK. But ok, I guess there is some question in the end of who she really is, and what her position in the battle of good and evil really means, so that can be a little intriguing enough to read on in the series. I will say that finding actual typos, not just poor writing, but honest to goodness copy editing mistakes, makes me want to scream. But I can't muster that much emotion for this book.