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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak It took me longer to get through this book than I thought that it would. Almost three weeks. Granted, I've been reading other things along the way, but it's not a book I would expect anyone to really sail through. It has teeth, and you want to navigate them cautiously.You soar and weep and despair and question along with Leisel and Max and Papa and Rudy. And through it all have a very keen sense of sisterhood with Death. I loved this book. Beyond the emotional aspects of this book that left me thrilled and joyous and broken, I was excited to see a young adult book that works as almost a roadmap for literary criticism. Sometimes the parallels and metaphors and themes are blatant and pulled out for you, but it's always beautifully written. It's definitely a book that as soon as my children are able to read it, I will hand it over. Language and difficult subject matter be damned, they'll read it. Mainly because I feel it will give them pause to think about many things, but also because I think it will make them better readers.