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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand 3.5 stars. I just have a lot of feelings. It's hard to rate this book because I think it would appeal to people for different reasons, and those same reasons might make you hate it. So the reason I can't rate it any highter might make you shy away as well. In the immortal words of Michael Scott on Casino Night - "Love.Triangle.Drama." I really hate it. I think it's contrived, rarely adds to character development and generally lessens anyone's ability to see whatever else an author was pulling together thematically. Oh, but look - at least Clara knows it's cliche. For what it's worth, it's a believable conundrum, but it falls into a million pitfalls - the asking to dance at prom, the "I didn't know what you wanted to eat - oops there's your bf" conversation, and the inevitable pop in the mouth pissing contest. Maybe something new could have kept me from being let down by those moments. However, for the follow up in a series, it's stellar. It meets the requirements of heightening the central tension, growing the main character and introducing new information without just being a bridge to the final installment. Brava, Ms. Hand. But we lose a lot of the connection to the some of the characters that we had in Unearthly in the process (Wendy, Angela, and TUCKER). Where is the guy she fell in love with? His absence is painful. Not just the amount of pages he doesn't get, but his actual presence in Clara's life. He seems an afterthought, like he's the placeholder boyfriend that she pits her connection to Christian against until she can figure it all out, instead of him being the reason she made a life changing choice in the first place. No bueno.I also felt like there as a big pile of steaming info dump in the last third of the book. Clara's mother gives her all kinds of information that would have been better suited to Clara and Angela or Clara and Jeffery coming to light on their own. The angel congregation and the large amount of angel-bloods in their town? This should have been something Angela smoked out a while ago. Jeffery's big revelation at the end of the novel is suspect as well. It's been hinted at since the end of Unearthly, with is lead-colored wings, but Clara studiously avoids him, any suspicion he gives off, and his erratic behavior. And Clara's mom can read MINDS but she never gave any hint that Jeffery had his own purpose that he was working through in Unearthly? A purpose that was closely related to, if not completely intertwined with Clara's? She never insisted that they talk it out when Clara's purpose was all they talked about for months? WHY. WHY. WHY. But the reality is, the book made me feel. It was emotional in the best of ways, and I spent the last hour or so crying steadily. Beautiful goodbyes throughout. But I hate goodbyes. #Harumph