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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover 2.5 stars. Passes the time, but lacks narrative impetus and structure. Rambling first person thoughts of someone who misses things that are glaringly obvious. There's no real mystery, no narrative pain and because of that there is no real character development. When you know exactly where these characters are headed after their second interaction, you are just biding your time, reading her internal struggles, waiting for them to catch up to you. It's boring. It's the opposite of intellectual. It's passive reading. And I simply do not like it. Holder is a nice enough character, but he seems a mishmash of a million different heroic stereotypes. Brooding self-rebuke. All consuming, singular passion for Sky. You know he'll never stray. They'll be in love forever. He'll heal her. She'll heal him. I can't be the only one who finds this 1:1 romantic ratio boring. Karen and her role in Sky's life was another obvious trope. See The Language of Flowers for a complicated, similar relationship that leaves you guessing.This gets a half an extra star above "it was ok" for being SLIGHTLY better than this author's other books, which were embarrassingly sappy pap. But I really should remove it because only Sherlock Holmes can DEDUCE someone to tears. Pretty sure everyone else is REDUCED there.