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The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz I really love this series and this author and these characters, but of what I've read so far, this one fell a bit short for me. I see the genre shift and appreciate it. It's wasn't the tone of the book or the differences between the it and the others that bothered me. The outside forces/antagonist at work against Soren and Kingsley and Nora felt simultaneously over the top and obvious. In The Angel, I got a raw set of different emotions with every POV change: tenderness and anticipation with Michael, readiness w Nora, and total anxiety and tension w Suzanne. With this, I got to a new POV and struggled to connect it to what I read before. I love the details of the origin story, but I felt as if the Kingsley of the past was diluting the character who is so potent in the other books. His inner turmoil, both past and present felt repetitive and over wrought. I figured out the central conflict long before I felt I should have, and that always puts a damper on the rest of the reading. The final third of the book does pick up significantly in both tension and character motivation, but there still seemed a disconnect between what was going on in The South and what was going on in The North, until the last page or so, that made the chapters feel held apart. Things that I loved: Soren's 100 ways, Nora's honesty with Wes, first glimpses of young K and S, Mr. Railey. I look forward to the next book, but this is one I won't reread as furiously as the others. (Received an advanced copy from Net Galley.)